Dear citizens and neighbors in Kamen, Our town needs a new mayor.

Free from any party-political influence I’m running as an independent candidate for the office as a mayor of Kamen.

Since I was born 53 years ago in Kamen’s hospital and spent the first years of my life directly at the old market square, I’m deeply rooted in this town and this region in the ‚Deep West‘. Here I grew up, here I’ve spend my school years, here I breathed the black coal and the fresh air of our area. Here I learned to understand what it means to be a human.

During the last two decades I’ve been working as a free lancing city development expert and as a social and cultural planner in all parts of Europe. Therefore I know the challenges and opportunities small towns like Kamen are facing in early 21. century. While working on my assignments I’ve been recognizing already quite early how important participatory concepts are, how important the inhabitants of a town are for a proper and prospering design of a town.

Challenges of communities can only be mastered when administration and citizens are tightly communicating and act in concert.

I’ve always been following the development in Kamen, but now I want to design it!

Therefore I’ve been returning from the big, wide Europe to Kamen and therefore I want to become the mayor of Kamen. During the next years I want to walk the way of renewal together with you all – you, the people of Kamen.

There are many ideas, which can support our joint pathway of development.

Now we have to go about it!

Use your opportunity to participate and vote for me on June 17!



My mayoral election campaign is targeted to bring all people of Kamen more close to each other. We need a common strategy for an improved cooperation and the renewal of Kamen.

This campaign includes four elements: Listening, Talking, Negotiating and Renewal. These are the most fundamental construction stones components for a successful and constructive communication and a positive change in Kamen.

My aim is the development of a local masterplan – a vision and a strategy for Kamen, which is shaped, jointly carried and accepted by all people in the town. These four elements equally symbolize the way how I imagine the future of our life and work in Kamen.

On Saturday May 26. I want to meet with interested citizens at our „Kamen spricht!“ city conference (Stadtkonferenz). The conference seeks to collect all our common ideas and visions. Based on the results of our conference we are able to build concrete precise aims and workflow for the start of the mayor’s office in summer. I’m cordially inviting you all to join us on this conference!

We need a new political consciousness in Kamen: A political understanding for all generations, for all cultures and lifestyles – for all people living in Kamen. This new political action has once again to consolidate to equally involve all people in the future development of Kamen – irrespective people’s residential area, their financial abilities and their current influence on the design of our town.

Who’s debating is acting. Lets get started!